What services does Laxmisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. provide?

  •  Web, Graphic, Multimedia Design
  •  Logo, Brochure Design
  •  E-commerce solutions
  •  Website Maintenance
  •  Customize Shopping carts according to the client’s business model
  •  Web Promotion
  • Android/iPhone mobile application development
  • Affiliate Marketing

How can I be sure of your productivity?

You monitor the development completely and every phase of development has material results that you can see and review. If required, we provide Labor and Status Reports. The complete scope of the work is defined at the initial phase of development and approved by you. Also, we are interested in long-term co-operation with you. Additional reason, isn’t it?

What makes Laxmisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd unique?

Professionalism, knowledge, reliability and flexibility, combined with fair, reasonable prices.

Which languages can I speak with Laxmisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd?

English or Hindi

What are your standard Terms and Conditions?

Once a contract has been signed, we issue an invoice after deliveries were made according to the Payment Schedule which is a part of the Project Plan approved by you.

What programming experience does Laxmisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd have?

We can provide Design and Development Solutions to enhance your business. Our design department is making not only the user interface of the software and documentation of a superior looking, but, primarily, provides a full range of web design, graphics and multimedia development services .We can provide Web Development for Windows  using  Actionscript PHP/MySql,  Java. We have developed systems which use , SQL Server, MySQL and Access databases, sometimes all of them simultaneously via ODBC.

How is confidentiality of my clients protected ?

We can sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you. Apart from this, we have over 10 customers who can vouch that information shared with us has been kept confidential.

Do you work on an hourly basis or provide a fixed price quote ?

We can do both. For small jobs, it is usually best to work on an hourly basis. For bigger projects, it is best that we provide you a fixed price quote.

I have work which I need done overnight. Do you have resources to take it up and immediately ?

We have plenty of resources. At any point of time, we are working on multiple projects and can take up new projects on short notice or no notice at all.

Do you charge for a quote ?

No, we do not. Feel free to send your RFP and we will provide you a quote free-of-cost and with no obligation.

Your development process looks complicated. Is it really necessary?

The software development process is complicated by its nature Excluding any stage leads to higher risk and lower quality. Sometimes we are asked to simply provide programmers, but such “savings” on management, planning, testing and documentation bring many problems in future and the final cost of the system becomes much higher, if the system can be finished at all.

What should I do if I am not exactly sure what functionality I need?

This is not a rare situation. Contact us even with an idea. We will define the task together.

How can I be assured of high quality, reliable work?

Through our Development Process, which is aimed at quality and only quality. We even provide Software Testing services for other software development organizations. Also, you will have all preliminary versions of the software installed at your location for internal testing, verification and acceptance. During the 3-month warranty period after the software was installed in production mode, any problem in the code will be corrected free of charge.

How can I be assured that if I need to update my system you will help?

We can conclude either a long-term maintenance agreement stating our responsibilities, or a general agreement on providing modifications on a case by case basis

How can I benefit from working with Laxmisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd?

Laxmisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd assures that your project will be done on time, on budget, and in accordance with the latest quality and technical standards. You can outsource to your IT projects ranging from a simple utility to a total automat

What besides cost is the difference between developing locally and doing it offshore?

The main difference is electronic communication. If you are friendly with Internet and e-mail, then you will definitely benefit working with us. We have special techniques and tools to support remote development including our own FTP and WWW sites

What risks do I have in outsourcing development?

First of all, the usual risks of software development: proper definition of the task, proper planning, proper managing and proper development process. We do our best to address these issues and have many successfully finished projects.

Who we are and what do we offer?

LAXMISOFT Technologies is a India based company specializes in Website and Mobile App Development. We have workforce of more than 200 dedicated and devoted software experts to build any complex software as per client’s specifications.

How do I associate with Laxmisoft Technologies?

The process starts when get in touch with us with your necessities. We analyse your requests and respond to you. On the premise of the further discussion you can select an engagement model that suits you the greatest. After that we start the whole methodology of development.

Is there a standard cost to build an app?

More than just a development, Laxmisoft Technologies strives to be a complete Web and mobile app services provider as per individual’s need and objectives. We provide tailored products and highly customized plans that best fit to almost any kind of the budget. Contact us to talk with our representatives and get a free quote fitting your exact needs.

Do your websites are SEO Friendly?

Of course, YES. All our sites are seo friendly. We additionally offer SEO Services which serves you to get top rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Our SEO specialists will help you in choosing the right keywords for your sites.

What is maintainance of website?

Maintainance is a paid Monthly/annually contracts between Laxmisoft Technologies and you to give your site an on-going care. This is great choice if you want to keep your site updated with new content. Fresh and new content is the thing that drives your online traffic.

Do you provide any kind of support after project completion?

Obviously, YES. When the project is finished and conveyed to you, we are still bound to deliver you our services in terms of support for 90 days. We provide support for bug fixing and minor changes that are part of project scope with no additional charges. When the period of free support is over, based on the project’s needs you can always have choice to go with paid maintainance and support.

Can I take a look to my website between building process?

YES, we would surely give you the URL of our demo server where you can view the progress of development of your site and you can also survey your site as well as give your recommendations to us.

Can I pick my desired developer?

Yes, you can select the dedicated developers you lean toward. Laxmisoft Technologies gives resumes of nominated programmers and sends to the customer. The customer then chooses few of them to take a shot at the project. Just feel the contact form and send us.

How do I connect with the project development team?

Laxmisoft Technologies contains its own project management system through which you would be able to monitor the day by day tasks and the growth of your project performed by development team.

Do you assure app approval on the app store?

Yes we give affirmation for the acceptance of application to their respective app stores. We study and analyse the feasibility of the application in the beginning to verify that the application does not clash with the individual store rules and guidelines.